5K LOGO W DATE 2014On the morning of July 4, 1817, a group of dignitaries gathered on a plot of marshy ground south of the village of Rome, New York. There, they dug the symbolic first shovelful of earth that began construction of the Erie Canal. The New York State Canal Commission, which oversaw the construction of the Erie Canal, drew up the first building contract a few days later. As usual, the work went to the lowest bidder. Axemen were the lowest-ranking members of the party. Their job was to cut the stakes used in marking the canal line and to remove brush, small trees, and other similar obstructions.

Like building a canal, creating a race event, designing and maintaining trails that will offer participants an enjoyable rewarding experience takes a lot of work and planning. Our Race Committee is comprised of community volunteers who are very dedicated to making the race a success! The Montezuma Fire Department are giving their time to direct traffic, parking and safety for the event.

CleanSweepVolunteers are needed in many different capacities long before the starting race whistle is blown. No matter what your level of expertise (and even if you think you have none,) we could use your help. The pay is cheap (none!), but the rewards are far greater than a dollar amount!

Check out our schedule for Special Work Days here.

For more information, or to sign up to volunteer, please contact us at: 5K-info@tds.net