5K Course


Drumlin Trail #5 off Chapman Road

There are many small parks preserving the remains of the former versions of the Erie Canal across the state.  The Montezuma Heritage Park includes the towpaths of the early Erie and Cayuga-Seneca Canals with the remains of the Richmond Aqueduct that once carried the canal over the Seneca River. Workers on the Canal had to make sure that the towpath, canal walls and locks were in good shape for travelers.

Footbridge Crossing along Seneca River Shoreline Aqueduct Trail #2


Volunteers have been working throughout the year on the 5K Course grooming these original canal paths and other developed trails throughout the 165 acres of wooded and shoreline parkland under various stages of development. The course is designed to offer the best unique experience for participants to enjoy on variety of trails.

Thanks to Margaret Sullivan and Stan Longyear, a new 5K  course for 2015 has been measured and mapped out. It will eliminate starting the race on High Street and Chapman Roads.


Chapman Road Trailhead Kiosk

The Start Line will be at the High Street Trailhead Kiosk entrance to Byron Lapp Trail #1. The only on-road part of the race will be at the Chapman Road Trailhead #2 turning left to go south to enter the Drumlin Trail #5. We take into consideration that depending on weather conditions, this course could change, but we don’t anticipate any problems.

Thanks to Cindy Adler for designing our new map for 2015. It can be downloaded here.