2015 Sponsors

The Montezuma Aqueduct 5K Run/Walk is an all-volunteer organized event that will use 100% of its net proceeds to support the Montezuma Heritage Park being developed for its significant cultural and natural resources. It represents the important history of the Town,  Region and NYS Canal System.  It will provide the community and visitors with a natural setting to improve fitness and well-being while preserving and promoting its Erie Canal Heritage.

We are now accepting Sponsors for the 2015 event. To be a part of of our  2015 Sponsorship Team, and have your business name added to our growing list of supporters, download information here.


The term canaller refers to a type of vessel that is designed and modified for use in a particular canal. The term also refers to a worker on a canal boat particularly one who formerly plied the Erie Canal. Canaller is also a freight boat made for use on canals. Both the boats and workers were necessary, to transport the goods and passengers to its destination. Our Canallers are carrying the load giving us the “power” for the “long haul.”

EC_Small_Type_4C-1CC_Logo_2015.03.30Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor and the NYS Canal Corporation


savannah logo Savannah Bank, Port Byron, NY


Lock Tenders play an important part in keeping the canal system operating and flowing smoothly and efficiently. A lock enables a boat to pass from a section of canal at one water level to another section at a different water level. Lock Tenders make sure the locks are in good working condition and operate the lock valves to raise and lower the water levels. We appreciate the support of our Lock Tenders. that are “locking us in” with a cash “flow.” They are allowing us to pass from one phase of planning “smoothly and efficiently to the next to keep our “boat afloat” and afford the best race experience possible for you!

B&L Logo stackedBarton & Loguidice, D.P.C., Liverpool, NY

Montezuma Winery, Seneca Falls, NY

KURTLOGOK. L. Warren, Inc., Port Byron, NY


SaltheMule Canal boats were pulled by horses or mules and traveled at about four miles per hour. The boats floated in the water in the canal and the horses and mules walked beside the canal on a dirt towpath. Mules were preferred, because of their intelligence, strength and were more sure-footed. Ropes were tied to the boat and to the horses or mules. The boat only went as fast as the horses and mules could walk. Boats on the Erie Canal carried settlers and business people who were looking for new opportunities. They carried products from the newly settled lands in central and western New York and the mid-western states to markets in New York City. Tourists also traveled by canal boat. People were curious to see this new man-made waterway, the locks and aqueducts that made it work, the beautiful countryside, and the cities and villages the canal passed through. One of the most important mules on the Erie Canal was  Sal, named in a famous folk song published in 1905 titled, “I’ve Got a Mule and Her Name Was Sal.” Our “intelligent” Sal the Mule Sponsors are helping us to keep a smart, sure-footed pace.” They are supporting us for the “long haul” to bring folks to our rural community who will enjoy running, walking and exploring the historic canal sites on the same “path” that made New York State the Empire State.

Audioun Funeral Home, Port Byron, NY

DWS Mechanical Solutions, Cayuga, NY

Herbst Pharmacy, Port Byron, NY

Lakeland Equipment, Savannah, NY

Recckio’s Body Shop, Port Byron, NY

RoseM massage, Auburn, NY

Stepping Stone Personal Fitness, Weedsport, NY

Too Fit to Quit with Lori D, Auburn, NY


New York State depended on the driver (or “hoggee”, pronounced HO-gee) of the horses and mules to make travel on the Erie Canal possible. They cared for and led the mules which pulled canal boats along the waterway, working six hours shifts around the clock seven days a week. Our “dependable” Hoggees are the “driving force” in “pulling” us in to reach our “destination” on Saturday, October 10th for the Aqueduct 5-K Run/Walk. We appreciate their “caring” that will “lead” us all to the finish line!

Airkrete, Weedsport, NY

Environmental Design & Research, Landscape Architecture, & Environmental Services, D.P.C (EDR Companies), Syracuse, NY

Homic Advanced Chiropractic, Auburn, NY

Roy Wilson DJ Service, Montezuma, NY


Building the Erie Canal raised the standards of canal-building, and was thus nicknamed the “Erie School of Engineers”.  Many of the tools and methods supplied were devised as the work progressed.  A number of very talented people contributed and become the foremost canal-builders of the day. 

The work was to be done using horses, mules, wagons, wheelbarrows, hand tools, thousands of local workers and later on during its expansion, Irish laborers. Ingenuity also played its part with inventions such as the stump-puller and work proceeded faster than ever. Canvass White was sent to England to study their canals and locks.  Armed with this knowledge, the surveyors/engineers were able to design, layout build the course of the canal with locks, dams and bridges.

To “design, layout, and build” a race “course” and event that provides trail conditions,  and services to meet the needs of our runners and walkers for the day, our Virtual Runners (individuals and businesses) are  “arming” us with the necessary advertising, supplies and materials. Thank you for your important in-kind donations helping us to “engineer” a race that offers a high standard of quality and “ingenuity.”

The following inkind supports have been confirmed:Auburn Party Rental logoAuburn Party Rental, Auburn, NY

Brenda’s Dinner, Port Byron, NY

Kathleen & Jim Decker, Montezuma, NY

Farmboy Graphics LogoFarmboy Graphics, Auburn, NY

Funtastic Inflatables, Weedsport, NY

Patricia & Joel Glimpse, Montezuma, NY

Jody Woods, LMT, Elbridge, NY

RoadID, Erlanger, KY

Seneca Foods Corporation, Geneva, NY

The Wall – 99.3 Finger Lakes Classic Rock, Auburn, NY

TheWallWegman’s, Auburn, NY